About us

             5633 Airport Way S  Seattle, Wa 98108

             Phone: 206-708-7813


             Hours: Monday-Friday   11 to 5

             We also cater and welcome special orders.  Give us a call.

American Pie Bakery & Cafe specializes in "sweet and savory pies".  We make individual pot pies for a satisfying lunch or dinner, savory empanadas with various fillings for both the meat eater and the vegetarian alike, sandwiches and of course delicious sweet pies to satisfy every pie lover.  Full size 9" savory pies are available by special order.

We invite you to take a look at our menu.  We proudly use quality meats and we use local produce as much as possible.  We try to make new and interesting food that will excite your palate and make you want to tell your friends and more than anything we are proud of our crust because "if you can't make a good pie crust then you shouldn't open a pie shop".