About us

American Pie Bakery & Cafe is located in the eclectic and very cool Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, "The Edge of the Universe". Georgetown is the home of the original Rainier Brewery or the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company established in 1892. Georgetown is also home to the Georgetown Steam Plant, a National Historic Landmark, built in 1906. The plant houses one of the last operable examples of the large-scale General Electric steam turbines that ushered in the "modern" era of electricity production. Boeing Field sits at the south end of Georgetown and the famous Hat n' Boots, the office and restrooms of a Texaco gas station built in 1954, has been moved from its original location but is still in Georgetown and has been restored to it's former glory. Georgetown is a vibrant neighborhood full of art studios, bars, restaurants, vintage and antique shops, factories, warehouses, design studios and a brewery. Yes, although the Rainier brewery is gone we STILL have a brewery....now we have two breweries.  Elysian has opened right down the street.